Release papers are special papers onto which various patterns such as leather, reflection, and carbon patterns are embossed. They are used for transferring the various embossed patterns and gloss onto the surface of synthetic leathers and other materials.
Asahi Roll has developed a propriety production method to reproduce the rich and deep texture of natural leather with grains. These levels of quality and details are impossible to achieve and manufacture with conventional machines and techniques.
As a result, Asahi’s release papers are attracting attention for use in luxury brands’ products, sports equipment, automobiles and other applications requiring the utmost quality. We are supplying release papers to a growing number of customers in Japan and around the world.

Asahi Roll started as a manufacturer of embossing rolls. All the embossing rolls we use as roll matrices for our release papers are developed and produced in-house. This integrated production system is an unique feature of Asahi Roll. No other company in the world can provide the same service. It enables us to achieve high quality, short lead time, and ample production capacity.

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