Embossing rolls are metal rolls that impress patterns on all kinds of materials.
They are used for almost all kinds of products imaginable, such as general merchandise, wallpapers, furniture, steel products, wallets, glasses, floor materials, diapers, bath modules, exterior walls and automotive interiors.

Asahi Roll leverages to the full its wide range of technical expertise—including the deep hand embossing that has been synonymous with Asahi Roll for decades now in a way that only us in the world can. This is possible due to our team of highly experienced artisans skilled in various fields, a wide range of unique machines developed and produced in house and innovative techniques that utilize the latest technologies. By combining craftmanship and new technologies, Asahi Roll is able to transform customers’ visions into reality and actual products. We use our extensive knowledge to render subtle patterns differences, nuances and consistent quality control.

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